The Field Of Health Care Essay

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Working in the field of health care is the noblest vocation I can imagine, and that is the main reason I want to pursue a career in pharmacy. What can be better than devoting myself to the task of healing people and taking care of human life, the most important thing in the world? Pharmacist is one of the most wonderful and needed professions in the modern world that requires total devotion, responsibility, patience, and a lot of skills and knowledge. Everyone knows an expression "cures one thing but causes another" - and in order to not let it happen, there should be professionals who know how various medications work.
Pharmacist is the second specialist after a doctor that a sick person can ask for help. The social value of this profession is hard to be overestimated. Modern medications have complex chemical structure, and it is important that they produce the required effect on every person who is being treated with them. Wrong or uncontrolled usage of medications can harm one 's health significantly, or even result in death. Pharmacist is a person who can give advice and control what medication the patient receives, and create instructions for people to know how to use a particular drug.
Modern medicine uses thousands of medications, and their development, testing and production is a powerful industry using the newest achievements from the domains of chemistry and biology. The path of every new medication from the developer 's laboratory to integration into clinical…

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