The Field Of Enrichment Taking Place Inside Zoos Essay

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Introduction There has been many advancements in the field of enrichment taking place inside zoos. I decided to study the White Handed Gibbons at the Utica Zoo in New York State. I wanted to learn about the Whitehead Gibbons and see if their life in the Sue is similar to how they are supposed to act in the wild. I also wanted to see what kind of enrichment they may need to improve their life in captivity. These amazing primates are unique and vibrant in many ways and that must be shown me even while in captivity.
While studying White Handed Gibbons I went to the Utica zoo to see the three white handed gibbons they have in captivity. They have two adult females and one adult male. I watched and studied the three gibbons for about an hour using the method of scan sampling for field notes. When done with field notes I did all the research on Whitehead gibbons using MVCC’s database of Science Direct. Using this I found multiple journals and articles. MVCC’s Library also had an e-book that I found to be very resourceful.
The small group of White Handed Gibbons that I studied at the Utica zoo had three members that included, two adult females and one adult male. One adult female, Snowflake, is the mother of the other adult female, Malay. The male gibbon’s name is Yoda. Yoda is Malay’s father. I studied these Gibbons on a moderate fall day while sitting on a bench outside their outdoor enclosure. I said about 8 feet away from their enclosure but they didn 't seem…

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