Essay on The Field Of Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice
The field of Criminal Justice is an ever-changing discipline that has recently swelled in importance within the United States. This is most likely due in fact to our alarmingly high recidivism and incarceration rate, which is currently towering above the rest of the countries of the world. With a problem of such a magnitude comes a multiplitude of solutions, each of which have varied from decade to decade. Until recently however, these solutions were typically designed to disregard the individual in favor of a more unilateral, streamlined process, which attempted to alleviate the pressure on the bloated Criminal Justice System, at the cost of the individual. All in all however, this was simply taking care of the symptoms instead of addressing the actual causes. In order to address these issues that are reemerging with force, the Criminal Justice System has taken up on the use of Evidence Based Practices, in an attempt to remedy our criminal ailment.

Evidence Based Practices
Though the actual definition of Evidence Based Practices still remains hotly debated, in a nutshell, it can be defined as the practice of utilizing an integration of the best possible research evidence, melded together with expertise and patient values. Basically, it goes beyond what “feels right” and attempts to back up assertions with rigorous testing to verify the accuracy of the information. This notion of utilizing empirical data over unfounded “wisdom” is completely compatible…

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