The Field Of Cognitive Psychology Essay

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I find the field of cognitive psychology very interesting. There are many areas in cognitive psychology that are not fully understood. Therefore, there are many areas within cognitive psychology that can be explored. Which makes experimenting in this area exciting. Learning about the different theories has altered how I think about events in everyday life. For instance, how emotions are created is something I have questioned. Learning the theories of emotion has given me a better understanding on what are the potential causes. This can help me in everyday life. For example, I did not use to think about language effecting the way we think. Since it does, I can use this knowledge to better articulate my words during a discussion. This can help to achieve the desired outcome and avoid arguments. Also, when I feel emotional I try to stop and think why I am feeling this way. This can help me to decipher when I am acting upon emotions that were created from an outside source. For instance, when I come home from work upset with my coworker. In the past I have held on to those emotions and have gotten upset about things I normally would not have. Now, I can remind myself my anger is from work and to not hold on to it. Next, I can use music and self-talk to help change my emotion from upset to being calm or in a better mood. Then, upon coming home I will be less likely to be upset.
All aspects of psychology is interesting to me. Although, I would say that I am most…

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