The Field Of Business Intelligence And Business Analytics Essay

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Changes are constant in life and cannot be changed. It occurs in the form of evolution. Evolution in any form has always proved to be more advantageous than being drawback although some evolutions like the volcanic eruptions or formation of continents occur at a slowly while some like the evolution in technology or in automobiles occur at a heated pace. Business analytics is the science of utilizing the skills, technology and practices for continuous iterative research of past business’s data and statistics and use it to drive business planning. Business analytics and business intelligence go hand in hand as business intelligence are the basic set of tools and information that are used to transform raw data into meaningful information for analysis. This paper describes the evolution in the field of business intelligence and business analytics being an integral part of it.
Keywords: Business Analytics, Iterative, Business Intelligence


Decision making for a company on business strategies becomes a dicey exercise when there is no definitive source of data that can be used as a resource. Business intelligence is pretty much the same as the “Military Intelligence” which gives commanders at every stage of a campaign a good view of the battlefield and the pros and cons of their options, business intelligence gives you information and data that a company uses in the process of decision making. The idea is that BI aims to support better business…

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