The Field Of Art Needs Financial Support Essay

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Daily, thoughts are expressed through communication; whether verbal or non-verbal, a message is created and delivered. The expression of thoughts, sometimes imagination, requires creativity and skill. With diverse forms of communication, emotions can be voiced via platforms. The creative activity to express the beauty and power of emotions is visualized through the platform of art. Art consist of form and content; while the form is the way it is expressed and content the message intended, all aspects of art contains both. While the meaning of art is debatable and controversial, so is the public funding of it. Like all activities and professions, the field of art needs financial support in order to acquire notable excellence. American history has been driven and constructed on the economic development of productivity and competitiveness. But, as nations continue to advance, the intensity of competition continues to flourish. In order to promote national advancement in security, technology, and education, the government must analyze the funding applicable. However, with the public opinion of tax payers, national advancement is dependent on various factors. To adequately deliver the promise of government transparency, our capitol has created agencies to notify and handle the expenses of all areas of government spending, including art. Yet, the question of whether or not the government has a necessary role in art and its needs for funding, is constantly discussed and…

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