The Field Experience At The University Of South Australia Essay

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(ECE) students as a part of their final practicum field experience at the University of South Australia (37). The arts helps kids use multiple intelligences, multiliteracies from different art forms, and brain development providing support for art experiences in early years (38). Although it is challenging, educators should make sure that engaging in the arts should become integral to the lives of young children (38). The University of South Australia and Windmill Preforming arts entered a successful professional partnership in 2001 (38). The University of South Australia’s de Lissa Institute is a center of excellence for ECE, child development, and family studies (38). Windmill Preforming Arts are Australia’s leading company that is dedicated to showing innovative professional performances for both children and families (38). The partnership has opportunities for the de Lissa institute to incorporate Windmill activities into a relevant course structure at the university and include students in art education research projects initiated by Windmill (38). It also provides professional development opportunities for both staff and students with Windmill creative teams (39). This partnership benefits Windmill by providing access to early childhood education research along with teaching and learning opportunities (39). This partnership requires de Lissa to investigate young children’s learning in and through the arts (39). The project began from Windmill Director’s interest in…

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