Essay about The Fenian Invasion Of New York And Boston

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Tension coursed through the five valleys that converge on Franklin, Vermont. It rose with each consignment of munitions and men as yet another Fenian invasion was in progress. Munitions embodied the method: Rifles, shot and an odd cannon, bought by money from zealous support of the ever enlarging Irish communities of New York and Boston. The men embodied the will: Newly branded Civil War veterans, all Irish under General Spear 's command and bent on liberating The Canadas from British rule to form New Ireland. Sensible men, the valley farmers and labourers, understood what the would be emancipators wanted alright, but for them only a mad Irishman could see the sanity of it, for the invasion plan, including its general location, had been published the previous month in an Ottawa newspaper. With unintended irony, this questionable sanity would be the Fenian 's secret weapon.

Amongst the sensible men, as the Irish Green Flag wound its way though Franklin village proper, was Charles Guillet. Having finished his daily chores as a farm labourer he had an extra sense of vulnerability beyond his work mates. His new wife, Rose, was due to deliver their first child in three months time. Freshly settled in Vermont, the young couple, for he was 21 and she a month shy of 19, left the Frelighsburg area of Quebec, a mere 11 km northeast of Franklin, over the wholly transparent international border, in Charles ' pursuit of work. (As the American Civil War had just ended in 1865, many…

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