Essay about The Femme Maison By Louise Bourgeois

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On December 25, 1911, Louis Bourgeois was born in Paris, France. By age 11, she had witnessed her father’s affair with her live-in tutor, Sadie, and helped nurse her mother who had the Spanish Flu back to health. These happenings lead her along a lengthy path of psychological turmoil (Nicoletta, 1992). Rather than allowing this turbulence to remain inward, she turned to art as a form of therapeutic externalization and expression. Her creative process became her salvation. In 1938, Bourgeois immigrated to New York, and continued to create. As she expressed using a wide range of mediums, she explored a variety of themes within feminist, surrealist, and psychoanalytic contexts. In the 1940s, Louise Bourgeois’s life continued to develop. She experienced marriage, home life, living in a new county, and raising three children. Amidst this flurry, Louise Bourgeois created a series of four pieces: The Femmes-Maisons (1945-1947). One may conceive and analyze the Femme-Maison series through a variety of perceptions such as biographical or psychoanalytical. These modes of analysis are popularly utilized as the viewer relates her works to the dramatic changes that occurred in Bourgeois’s life at the time of their creation. Yet, it is also important to understand the situational and historical importance of these artworks in a patriarchal and often sexist society. Each of these four paintings or drawings depict a nude woman whose upper portion of her body is taken over by a…

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