The Feminist Movement Of The Republic Of Liberia Essay

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In November of 2011, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was re-elected president of Liberia. She was first elected in 2005 becoming Africa’s first women president. Meanwhile, about seven countries to the right Sudan is still recovering from a civil war. However, independence has not yet put an end to any of the violence. The gender-based violence in Sudan and Southern Sudan remain prevalent. What could Sudanese learn from Liberia? The Republic of Liberia has proved that there should be women apart of government. Now that women are at the negotiating table in the Republic of Liberia, other people around the globe, such as Sudanese are learning that women play a significant role in our world today. With that being said, why are women still not as prominent as men in society? Simone De Beauvoir was a philosophical writer in the twentieth century. Today, many people consider her to be a beacon of the feminist movement. However, Barbara Klaw, a professor at the Northern Kentucky University, believes that, “Beauvoir…wanted to write about her own life. This intent to talk about herself in detail apparently led her to scrutinize and describe the lives of other historical and fictional women and female figures” (Klaw). This would suggest that The Second Sex was predominantly a private text that became a philosophical guide concerning why women do not get the same treatment as men. Simone De Beauvoir consistently proves that biology, history, and social reasons are the most important…

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