The Feminist Movement : An Important Part Of History Essay

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Recommendations and Conclusion
Overall, the feminist movement is an important part of history where women and men campaigned for reforms on issues, such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women 's suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. These issues created a foundation for a feminist student culture where student can come together to advocate for gender equality. However, feminist student culture constantly challenged in a collegial environment with a lack of support from peers, student affairs professionals, and faculty members. Therefore, to build a feminist student culture, greater clarification and information about the feminist movement and term “feminist” in college courses would facilitate students ' understanding and may result in an increase in individuals ' identification as feminists (Houvouras & Carter, 2008). Although college women and men support feminist goals and egalitarian gender roles, only a few identify as feminists. Therefore, clarification and accurate portrayals of feminists that represent the diversity of individuals who identify themselves as feminists may encourage college students to identify themselves with this group and further the feminist movement. In addition, men need to be acknowledged and considered as feminists or allies in the feminist movement, which destigmatizes young men to feel comfortable to identify themselves as feminists (Houvouras & Carter, 2008). Peer-led programs that are led by…

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