The Feminine Care Product Company Essay

1024 Words Feb 26th, 2016 null Page
About two years ago, the feminine care product company, Always, came out with a commercial that supported women. The commercial is named #LikeAGirl. This commercial brings to the light the way girls are viewed in this society. The commercial particularly targets the phrase, “like a girl” that is normally used as an insult in today’s society. #LikeAGirl shows several girls and some boys being questioned about the phrase “like a girl”. #LikeAGirl clearly shows how a girl’s self-esteem diminishes as she hits puberty and is subjected to society’s views on the female gender and how wrong that is.

In the beginning of the commercial, older girls and a few boys are asked to demonstrate what “running like a girl” looks like. All of the participants pretend to run in a very ‘girly’, weak way. The commercial continues with the participants being asked to do other activities “like a girl” such as fighting and throwing. After the older girls and boys demonstrate what society has deemed “like a girl” means, younger girls are brought in and asked the same questions. The younger girls act like themselves and do not demonstrate the ideas of “like a girl” that society forces upon girls.

Always, as a brand that sells feminine care products, is definitely in support of the female gender, which is further shown in this commercial. #LikeAGirl is intended to be supportive and inspiring to girls everywhere and show today’s society how much words can affect how someone views themselves. #LikeAGirl…

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