The Female Of The Couple Essay

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Lauren and her friend Kasey are sitting in the lobby of Pafford, waiting for their next class to start when they overhear a couple’s conversation about prayer.
MALE OF THE COUPLE: “Will you please pray for my mom, she hasn’t been feeling well lately and it’s starting to get worse.”
FEMALE OF THE COUPLE: “I mean yeah I can but I’m not sure what good that’s going to do her.”
MALE OF THE COUPLE: “What do you mean, you’re not sure what good it’s going to do her? Do you not believe in the power of prayer?”
FEMALE OF THE COUPLE: “No I don’t believe in prayer because when my grandfather was in the hospital a few years ago, that’s all I did for weeks. I prayed that he would get better or wake up long enough for me to say goodbye but he never did. So no, I don’t believe prayer will do anything for your mother.”
MALE OF THE COUPLE: “I’m sorry to hear that about your grandfather but how do you know that your prayers weren’t heard? I know that it must have been devastating to not have the chance to say goodbye to him, but how do you know for sure your prayers weren’t heard or answered in a different way than what you were asking for? I know at times I pray for things and they don’t always end in my favor, but in the long run I see how God not only listened, but answered.”
FEMALE OF THE COUPLE: “But why wouldn’t God answer them when I need him the most? If he loves every one of his children, then why wouldn’t he help me when he can see I’m in so much pain?”

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