The Female Dominance Of Women Essay

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As the twenty-first century approached quickly, the woman’s role started to change quite a bit just as the man’s did. There are multiple things that have stayed the same, such as, boys tend to respond to being intimidated, in the 1940’s to now, the 2000’s. Girls on the other hand, they respond to good reason, and to being persuaded. (Norman, Geoffrey. 20). According to an article on, over the last few decades, in America and a few other countries, the status of a women has risen some, but the rest of the world is still under male dominance. The dominance over women has basically bloomed from a man’s desire for the power and control over her. That same need has driven men to overpower nations,other people, and to oppress others in their own society, all leading them to overpower the opposite sex. Even today women still live as slaves to men, but usually in Middle Eastern countries (Tyler, Steve). In the early 2000’s women have started to take action in who says what they get to do. They started have more freedom in getting to do what they’d like and men not being the only one who does as he pleases. As mentioned earlier, throughout William’s work he depicts the gender roles in different ways. Stanley has been described by Stella’s sister, Blanche, as an animal. She states in the book, “He acts like an animal, has an animal’s habits! Eats like one, moves like one, talks like one! (83)” Stanley has a very different view on how he should treat women…

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