The Female Chauvinist Pigs, By Ariel Levy Essay

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Nice Legs
In modern society, overly sexual representation of women is widely accepted. Women who engage in pornography, stripping, nude photography, and magazines are now accepted. Some women perceive a career in the strip club or pornography as degrading. Other women, like FCP’s (Female Chauvinist Pigs), encourage women to utilize their beauty and/or physical attributes to get ahead. “Their bodies are their instruments” (Nevins 267). This concept of women encouraging other women to objectify themselves to gain success is known as raunch culture. Ariel Levy, author of the book Female Chauvinist Pigs, disagrees with the concept. She says that raunch culture does not represent how far women have come but how far they have to go in this once male dominated society. In her book, Levy talks about how women are gaining their success by “behaving like men.” Levy’s belief is nothing but accurate. There are certain male and female stereotypes that women identify with in order to participate in raunch culture. Basically what Levy is trying to comprehend is how women are claiming that they are equal or even superior to men, if they are trying to act like men. The goal of most women in modern society is to achieve a high status of success like a man. This is why raunch culture is so problematic. Women are not fighting to have equal rights anymore, instead, they are now striving to be men.
Raunch culture is everywhere. It is found on the internet, television, radio, and motion pictures!…

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