The Female Body And Women 's Body Essay

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Throughout history race and gender have been closely intertwined in the construction of both black and white women’s bodies alike. The female body being viewed as natural, the medicalizing of the female body, and advertising the ideal beauty are concepts that have been embedded in Western thinking for many years. These three theories show the interaction between gender and race in the construction of thoughts concerning, and the interpretation of, the woman’s body. The first concept that affects how we view the woman’s body deals with relating the woman to the body. This theory juxtaposes the body with the mind, and projects this juxtaposition upon the roles of men and women in society. It refers to women as the “body” of society, and men as the “mind”; since the mind is so commonly seen as the superior of the two, women tend to be the victims of judgment more often than men. The body is seen as natural and driven by animal instinct, which is easier than suppressing such instinct with the mind, so being defined as the “body” is inferior to being defined as the “mind”; therefore women are seen as the inferior and lesser sex. Because women are the body, and not the mind, they are not self, and this causes them to be viewed as an object, rather than as a person. The “body” is often viewed as a symbol of the animalistic side of human beings, which has uncontrollable desires that must be suppressed and controlled; and since man is viewed as the mind of society, he must control…

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