The Female Attraction Violence : Video Over The Weekend Essay

1205 Words Jun 28th, 2016 5 Pages
Women and Violence
I feel it’s only fitting to put this out after listening to Barbarossa’s “Hybristophilia The Female Attraction Violence” video over the weekend. I highly recommend listening to it or taking the time to read, in its entirety, its transcript on sheddingoftheego. While listening to him, an experiment I’ve always thought would be interesting to carry out came to memory. I think it would be fascinating see the differences in how both genders react to perpetrators of luridly violent acts and see if it triggers any sexual arousal or any increased neurologic activity in that region of the brain. Evidently, men and women react to violence and its perpetrators differently. We all witnessed how Jeremy Meeks, a violent criminal turned model, was lauded by the vast majority of women who at the sight of his pulchritudinous look forgot that the guy is a violent criminal offender and was ready to get him out of prison and let him explore and make use every orifice on their body. They publicized and profess, all over the media, their love and lust for him without so much as a reprimand from the general public. Most men in comment sections showed their disappointment mainly that this guy’s violent criminal record became irrelevant at the sight of his picture alone. This is why I think the media tried, and fail, in their attempt this year to reverse the gender dynamics of Jeremy Meeks story, perhaps to save face and to also “prove” that men do it too, when they…

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