Essay The Fellowship Of The Rings

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Have you ever wanted to live in a world of fantasy filled with orcs, wizards, elves and dwarves? If so, the Lord of the Rings is for you. In the first book, The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo is given the task of guarding the Ring of Rulers. His first mission was to reach Rivendell, the elfin city. Along the way, Sam, Merry, and Pippin in the Shire, and Aragorn (otherwise known as Strider) in Bree joined him. On their journey, they have had to evade the Black Riders who are supernatural servants of Sauron, the dark lord. When in Bree, Frodo encountered his uncle Bilbo and the wizard Gandalf for the first time in several years. A council was held to decide the fate of the ring. It was determined it had to be destroyed once and for all and that Frodo was to remain the keeper of the ring. Frodo along with Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf, Strider, Gimli the dwarf, Legolas the elf, and Boromir the elf sought out to destroy the ring. They eventually arrived at Moria; an ancient, subterranean Dwarven city. In there, they were assaulted by a group of Orcs. Gandalf ended up sacrificing himself to save the group by going down with a bridge to stop the Orcs. The unit then went to the elfin city of Caras Galadhon where they met the elfish rulers. The rulers offer all eight members to stay in their land and discontinue their quest, but none accept the generous offer. They then travel down the Anduin River and the group has to face the decision of going to Mordor to destroy the ring or go to…

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