The Fellowship Of The Ring Essay

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Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of The Ring, by J.R.R Tolkien features Frodo, a character of Middle Earth, who becomes influenced under the corruption of power. The ring possesses magic far beyond the controls of one singular man and with the impacts of the ring’s force, comes corruption, or the inability to utilize such power with self control. The ring itself is the power, but questions arise as to what makes this particular power corrupt. Literary critic Roger Kaufman attributes homosexual desires to Frodo’s seemingly indecisive conduct. On the other hand, literary critic Susan Anderson claims it to be man’s desire or the divine longing for a heroic or manly image, while Augustus Kolich believes the driving factor to corruption is the the ideal reality that good must conquer evil. Throughout Tolkien’s novel, Frodo ventures through amazingly complex situations with the aid of Sam, his loyal companion. Their continued expediency with each other’s presence leads Kaufman to present Frodo’s actions to be reflective of “a same-sex attachment, [which] can spur one to reach their greatest potential, whether good or bad” (Kaufman). Kaufman believes that an erotic self reflection becomes the source of inspiration as seen with Frodo and Sam. He asserts that “the gay male psych causes [one] to realize self-actualization, thus creating a disillusionment of control over the unconscious mind” (Kaufman). With the inspiration of a homosexual relation, Frodo’s mind becomes aware of…

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