The Feeling Of Extreme Tension Essay

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“Just shut up! What is wrong with you?!” I heard my mom shout, though since it was through the walls of my room it was muffled and not so loud to me. I guess they assumed that since they were all the way down in the kitchen that I could not hear them. That did not matter. Their words still shook me.
“Me?? What is wrong with you?!” my father said, in words that came out slightly slurred. “You’re just so stupid! Don’t you get it??”
Bang! Someone always threw something. The night seemed more intense than the past few nights. I could smell the liquor from our upstairs bathroom as I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face with warm water.
I started down the big narrow hallway that was only lit by the dim light coming from the kitchen below. The smell of liquor seemed to become even stronger. The feeling of extreme tension was very apparent. I grabbed the knob to my bedroom door and quietly closed it behind me. I put my fingers on the lock and twisted it.
I laid my heavy head down upon my pillow. The sound of their voices still traveled through the house. My mom usually only went down there at night to grab some water and would come back up after about ten minutes. Tonight was different. I could hear it in my mom’s voice. With every response, her words were becoming shakier and shakier. Mom used to cry all the time, but now it’s been happening for so long that she can’t even cry anymore.
This time, she was scared and I had to do something. I quietly unlocked my door making…

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