The Feed Resource Recovery Case Study Essay

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The Feed Resource Recovery case study presents many issues, however the major ones are; Opportunity, Entrepreneurship and Resources. This paper will discuss the issues and analyze the options and how to address them.

Analysis of FEED Resource Recovery
The Feed Resource Recovery concept is simple; to provide supermarket and restaurants with an onsite waste processing system that converts previously discarded food waste into a source of renewable energy and organic fertilizer. Having a great idea is just the beginning, to take this to the market they will have many issues to overcome.
Opportunities Issues Time is always an issue for new business, but in this industry it is a little more
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I think the only way for Shane to convince investors is to produce a prototype. I think this is a requirement because Shane is not sure about his product. Other reason may be for the decision to give up part of the business to investors.
Clients are important for the successful of the business. Contact with WALMART was very important, but Shane could contact another client or market and next with more information for the investors.
Now, Shane must fund money to construct the prototype (first), and next he must decide about how to accept the investor’s conditions or search for alternative financing sources.
Options to address the issues
Why time is a problem for the early stage of the business? Because investors are eager and another product could appear on the market cheaper than R2. To address this issue Shane must be monitoring similar products, research about prototypes that could be developed in a short time. I think the problem of time can be resolved with more information about the design of the product. Developing a team is a key to any new project. Shane could contact another person who has more experience in this industry and take him on with the same conditions as Ryan. I think finding more experience could ultimately lead to producing cheaper prototype than R2. There are many options to get the money, the case propose is to raise the money through family and friends. This is very risky, not only for the time but also the risk of the project.

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