The Federalists Vs. Republicans Essay examples

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he Federalists and Republicans in 1800 shared a common goal, furthering the United State 's independence and the prosper of it 's citizen 's, but they held stark differences on how to achieve it. Economically, the Federalists wanted a strong central government with a federal bank, which would finance new business ventures and bring America closer to being a “modern” country like England. The Federalists believed the way to make America more independent and wealthy was to compete with European manufacturing and banks so that the US was not dependent on English goods or credit. Aided by the economic council of Alexander Hamilton, the Federalists hoped to commercialize America and develop a diversified economy with the help of wealthy business partners, who in turn would profit from the expanded economy. The Federalists also supported tariffs, which made foreign goods more expensive, thus helping American manufacturing. The Republicans, on the other hand, sought an Agrarian society, reliant upon the individual farmer who was self sufficient and not owned by any other person who was lending land, bestowing credit, or furnishing employment. In addition, the South had nothing to gain economically from manufacturing and tariffs, as their resources were behind farming and slaves. The Republicans feared American becoming more like England, they detested the factories and wage workers of England and the north United States, and they blamed the decline of England on the industrial…

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