Essay on The Federalists Vs. Federalists

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During the years of 1801-1817 two separate parties had formed, the Jeffersonian Republicans (Democrats) and the Federalists, who feuded bitterly in the political world. The Democratic Party remained firm during Jefferson 's presidency, however, began to conform to the Federalists when Madison was president; likewise, Federalists stubbornly held onto their views, but compromised to the stricter views of Democrats when Jefferson was in power.
Jefferson became president in 1801 and began the reign of the strict Democratic party, forcing Federalists to conform to their stringent views. Jefferson made attempts to unify the Federalists and Democrats, stating: “We are all republicans” in order to increase the unity of America and gain approval from Federalists. Jefferson emphasised unity when he said “Our country can never be harmonious and solid while so respectable a portion of its citizens support principles [that] go directly to a change of federal constitution…”(Doc A). Jefferson displays his desire of unity throughout the country and hints that although he is stubborn in his beliefs, he would encourage the change of the Federalist party in order to bring the country together. Jefferson spoke about unity even before he became president, writing the letter to Gideon Granger to showcase his disapproval of Federalists. Jefferson’s dialogue with the Federalists led to certain ‘Anti-Federalist’ laws and bills pass through Congress though viewed as stiff-necked, depicted in…

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