Essay about The Federalists And The Anti Federalists

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The Federalists and the Anti Federalists have different viewpoints on the clauses presented. The federalist paper number 33 presents the argument that the Federal government is granted authority to make all laws that are necessary and proper for the United States. These laws are to be the supreme law of the land. The Antifederalists disagreed with this idea because they believed it would give too much power to the Federal Government leaving the people and the state governments vulnerable. The federalists saw the idea of doing what is necessary and proper for everyone the best possible solution to the United States. It is necessary for the federal government to have the necessary power for the states to follow in order for the nation to stay together as a whole. If they did not have this power in their hands then the federal government would be bounding the states together by a treaty that they would be agreeing to follow instead of being together and accepting what the government wants them to do. It is specially important for the federal government to be able to have the authority of law in order to perform as any other type of government. On the other hand, the anti federalists believed that the federal government was gaining too much power while at the same time stirpping the state government of all power. They saw the state governments being trapped within the laws of the federal government. The state governments in the eyes of the antifederalists were not able to do…

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