The Federalist Papers Relevate?

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In 1788 the Federalist Papers were mostly written by Madison. The ideas shared in the Federalist Papers were relevant when Madison was alive, however, the problem is: are they still relevant and effective today. First governmental structure in USA is unique, no other government has the same system as this country. It is the only country that changed everything dealing with politics back in that decade, which shows how much the founding fathers were aware of the political issues. News in those days were spread quicker as they occurred but unfortunately most of it are not true or even reliable. The United States government was created in a very interesting situation and remarkable conditions. When people started to fight against the British …show more content…
The US Constitution has changed 85 times and each time something is added, altered or eliminated—something from these laws, however is the strength of this and increases because government thought so. I agree with most of the constitutional document papers but some of them need to be abolished. For example, documents 51 which sets the Structure of Government and must provide the Proper Checks and Balances between the Different Departments. This needs to be changed or abolished. First, just as Locke says government needs to be more equal with people. So people in Pennsylvania do not buy as much as the people in Ohio, the percentage of tax is different. That could create some conflict with other states. And that might cause more and more problems to the people when they look to equality. The judicial system is not to be changed to deal with certain states s. It is not fair to the old reverence for the modern US States. Maybe if we look to the fact that the United States is a great country we would find that greatest thinkers such as Locke and Aristotle and Madison were the reasons why the United States is great

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