The Federal System Is A Good For Large Country Essay examples

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Federalist Paper

Today, the federal system is a good for large country because it is good for promoting the common good of individual then protecting individual rights just like the federalist wanted to this system to be. The United States is a big country and has many states, so it needs a big government to control all of the states and give all people their rights. In 1787, the federalist wanted a stronger central government and to give the center the government supreme power and make it more powerful than power of states rather than Anti- federalist who wanted the power of states to be stronger than the central government. When the U.S 13 colonies decelerated independence from the Great of Britain, the new U.S. government formed and made a new constitution that was written by mostly federalist. Madison was a one who drafted the 10 amendments to constitution and these became U.S the bill of rights. Also, the federalist supported the constitution, which is the same one that we have today. The constitution purpose was to make the government and people work together. “The government exists to support these rights and the power of the government stems from the people. And if the government fails to protect the right of people, the people have the right to throw out the government.”(Braunwarth, Found Document). the federalist papers and Anti-federalist papers are a combination of the partisan propaganda and political philosophy are an important primary resource for…

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