The Federal Government Of The United States Essay examples

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This summer I took Government 2305 with Mrs. Reyes. I went in the class not knowing a single thing about our government or the importance of it. I thought the class was going to be a difficult course just because I am not into the subject; however I learned many important things in just one month. I have learned several things throughout this course, for example, the type of federal government of the United States, four important philosophers, and abundance of the U.S Constitution. First of all, the United States has a democratic republican government. There are three branches of government called the Legislative branch, Executive branch, and Judicial branch (Reyes, 2015). The Legislative branch makes the laws. The United States Congress is the legislative branch of the federal government (“Federal government of the United States,” 2015). It has two chambers which are the House of Representatives and the Senate. Next, is the Executive branch which enforces the laws. For example, the president, vice-president, and executive offices make up this branch. The president and vice-president are elected by the Electoral College. The forty-fourth and current president is Barack Obama. The president’s roles are the head of state, chief executive, commander in chief, chief diplomat, chief legislator, and chief of party (Reyes, 2015). Each of these roles are different in their own way, such as the role of the president in regards to the military is known as commander in chief, however…

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