The Federal Government Created A Law Called Idea Essay

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The federal government created a law called IDEA. This law is one that provides securities and protections for students with any type of disability. As this came into place, many benefits and opportunities arose for children who were in the public classroom and the children were soon to be entering the public education system. The law exhibits parent involvement and gives them information and assurance that their child will be provided with a public education, at no cost. A nondiscretionary evaluation will be given to the student that will not discriminate their age, race, culture, language, and or background. Each child will receive a written IEP, that will be reviewed and implemented on a continuous basis. Also, the child will be placed in a LRE (least restrictive environment) and will receive guidance as this law is used as a transitioning tool into all stages during education and into their adult life. The law also establishes safeguards to ensure enforcement Individuals with Disabilities. By law, they are able to have the same education opportunity and are protected from being discriminated against, which is also considered to be called FAPE (free and appropriate public education for all students. This leads to the first of six core principles. There are six core principles related to IDEA. The first being, FAPE, Free Appropriate Public Education. Like I stated earlier, EVERY student will have the same opportunity. It emphasized on the fact that students in special…

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