Essay on The Federal And State Policies

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The leaders of both the House and Senate are the only ones that can come up with a solution to how much consumers would have to pay for coverage. The House suggests that making a program that is nationally uniform would help protect consumers and give them the necessary care. The Senate in the other hand wants every state to make and run its own since they believe that each state would appeal plus have more experience controlling the insurance plans and get the people what they need. In-state health insurance has helped a lot of public areas that has made customers be aware of the risk of costs pertaining to their health and offer them ways to get medical care in case they get ill or injured. Regulations of in-state insurance has encouraged some policy goals like promising the against fraud protection, insurance companies and guaranteeing that customers are paying for their benefits as promised.
The challenge between both federal and state ideals is how to run the programs within the states and not let consumers be vulnerable to widespread marketing abuses. The federal government has usually respected the state’s role in running the insurance since most of the power goes to the states under the Constitution. Since early 1970s, the federal government has been helping regulate areas that deal with insurance. However, everything the state does has to go through to the federal government when a lot of concerns start coming into play, whether if it’s about interstate commerce,…

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