The, Feathers, Dance Moms And Music, All Words Splashed Around On An Article By Jemma Nicoll

1211 Words Mar 4th, 2016 null Page
Topless, feathers, Dance Moms and music, all words splashed around on an article written by Jemma Nicoll, UTS journalism graduate and freelance writer. These words have stricken shock and astonishment in the hearts of many after reading about children from the ages 8-15 being over-sexualized through a cultural movement – dance. What used to be smiling, skipping and pirouettes has twisted into crumping, twerking and #tilttuesdays, posing in skimpy undies and crop tops ‘only grownups should be wearing’ as many parents and onlookers have commented.

Personally, as I grew up, I was taught never to judge when I don’t know the full story. Swinging back to the context of dance and how children have seen to be over-sexualized, many onlookers have judged these children in this industry without being exposed to the whole truth. The media has taken a leading roll to ensure that the public only views the materialistic sides to dance and to fall back on their judgmental characteristics.

Articles such as the Sydney Morning Heralds ‘Making all the wrong moves’ and The Age’s ‘Critics lash the overtly sexual world of children’s dance schools’ have used negative and favorable language, leaving readers believing that they ‘know the truth’ because the ‘news gods’ have written and to the public, all news is gospel. The first line of the Age’s article makes use of negative language using ‘Critics lash’ to distain and produce negative connotations regarding the industry. When used, the word…

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