The Feasibility Of Success For Oil Palm Essay

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Bangladesh is a country of endless possibility. Especially in agriculture possibilities are so much luminous. The feasibility of success in oil palm cultivation can unveil a new era for the life style of the people of the country. Cultivation of oil palm will play a significant role to confirm food security, particularly to recover the crisis of edible oil in Bangladesh. By cultivating Oil palm we can easily save importing cost for edible oil as well as we can export a noteworthy figure. The soil and climate of Bangladesh is very favorable for the cultivation of oil palm and palm oil production is also more beneficial than other oil production. Oil Palm is the beaconing of new hope before the people of Bangladesh.

Concept of Palm Oil

Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) is a product derived from the fruit of forest palms which are grown in tropical climates. It is a vegetable oil used for edible and non‐edible purposes. In some countries it is an established part of the national diet because of its traditional use as cooking oil. In other countries it is a strong competitor with crop based vegetable oils as a cooking aid and processed food ingredient.

Use of oil palm in several industries

Palm oil has a variety of applications as a food product and as an ingredient in no edible products. Palm oil is used as raw material for various industries e.g. Soap, milk powder, chocolate, detergent, fatty acids, candle, and fatty acid alcohol etc. Use of palm oil is increasing in…

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