The Fear Of The Unknown Essay examples

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The Fear of the Unknown Since the consumption of genetically modified foods, no sufficient research has been able to show that GM foods are unsafe. There are also no recorded problems since the consumption of these foods. “In fact, people have consumed billions of meals containing Gm foods in the 17 years since they were first commercialized, and not one problem has been documented.” (Van Montagu) “The World Health Organization, the Food and Drug Administration, the (AAAS) and other medical and scientific bodies have said there is no evidence to support the idea that genetically modified foods are dangerous. Billions of people have eaten the foods for years without obvious evidence of a problem.” (Eunjung Cha) There is not any evidence that shows that Gm foods are dangerous, and in fact, many studies done show that there is no danger. “Researches from the University of Perugia in Italy published a review of 1,783 GMO safety tests; 770 examined the health impact on humand or animals. They found no evidence that the foods are dangerous.” (Borel) “Hundreds of studies, many by indecent scientists who took no industry money, have found no credible evidence that bioengineered food has actually done any of those things, or is dangerous in any way to human health.” (Los Angeles Times) “The center for science in the Public Interest, a well-known critic of for companies and artificial and unhealthy ingredients in foods has not opposed genetically modified foods, on the basis that…

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