Essay on The Fear Of The Lord

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The Fear of the Lord

Shedrack Wike
BIB314 Book of Proverbs
September 15, 2015

The Fear of the Lord
According to Proverbs 1:7 it says, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Webster defines wisdom as accumulated philosophic or scientific learning; as in knowledge, judgment, and insight. In Proverbs the wisdom that is discussed there is the wisdom that only comes from God. There are different kinds of fear, and as Christians, we should fear God with a particular kind of fear. We should fear God, not in an irrational and unpredictable way, such that is incompatible with love. Rather, we should fear him in a respectful way, as a child of his in Christ.
One could draw a comparison between the fear of God, and the fear of fire. Suppose you 're in a plane crash, and end up being lost in the wilderness. In order to survive you would depend very much on fire to keep you warm, cook your food, and give you light. Yet, fire can also burn, and destroy, if one does not respect it. It 's the same with God. In having a reverence for his power, glory, and strength, one learns to cooperate with him for survival, as opposed to destruction.
So the fear of God is not a fear based on ignorance of his ways, but rather a fear based on an understanding and acceptance of his consistent nature. Unbelievers fear the world, and want to be accepted and loved by it. However, Jesus tells us not to fear the world, but that…

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