The Fault Of Our Stars By Peter Van Houten Essay

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Americans love watching movies especially ones that involve romance and comedy. On average Americans spend $2,827 on entertainment alone. “The Fault in Our Stars” would be one of the movies that a lot of Americans either went to the movies to watch or rented the movie. This movie is all about a girl, named Hazel, who has cancer. Her mother makes her go to these meetings for teens with cancer, and that’s where she met Augustus. Augustus and Hazel get the chance to go to Italy and meet their favorite author , Peter Van Houten. All through the movie they go through so many obstacles and break boundaries that they never thought they could do because of their diseases. The critics could not come to an agreement with their reviews; some were positive and some were negative. One aspect of the film that the reviewers found to be positive was the acting of Woodley. The critic states that “Shailene Woodley, a gifted actress grabbing hold of her moment with both hands” (Scott par 3). This shows that Woodley is a very gifted actress. She made the movie a better version of itself. Scott also states, ““The Fault in Our Stars” seems at first glance like a much better picture, thanks to Ms. Woodley’s discipline” (par 6). This shows that Scott really liked Woodley’s acting. Also, it could be taken as the other actors were just there; having no significant impact to the movie. These statements make it obvious that Shailene Woodley acting shines through all the other actors in “The Fault in…

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