The Fault Of Our Stars By John Green Essay

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The Fault in Our Stars
The film was adapted from a book by a bestselling author John Green. It is a story of survival, love and valuing life. It makes you realize that you should be thankful for all the blessings you have right now because life is short to not appreciate the little things. But despite it being a story about love, it is heartbreaking.
At the very beginning, the music was light and soft which gave a vibe of a normal day in the suburbs. Hazel Grace Lancaster, the narrator in the film, talked about her life. That she is just sixteen and that she have cancer and fighting it for quite some time now. The background music was still the same upon the introduction of the main character implying the simplicity of the main character. She was being forced by her mom to participate in a support group where she hates. She believed that with her numbered days, she might as well enjoy life but she attended anyways. She saw a boy named Augustus Waters in the support group where she had a real connection. They talked after the meeting where she learned that he used to have osteosarcoma which is the reason why he lost his leg. As they both exchanged stories, music started to become sweet and innocent, just like the growing friendship between the two.
They continued talking and bonding over at Augustus’ house where they watched V for Vendetta. They also exchanged their favorite books where Hazel told Gus about her favorite novel An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. After…

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