The Fault Of John F. Kennedy Essay

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The Fault of John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy could be considered an unusual president. As the second youngest president ever, he was also one of the most liked presidents ever. Kennedy was famous for the space race and the Cuban Missile Crisis. But Kennedy was quite infamous for the Vietnam War while he was in office. Kennedy started this whole “mess” with Vietnam while he was in office. Although he was not able to see how sending troops and advisors over to Vietnam, he made the mistake of starting the sending of troops. Vietnam was a costly war for the United States. Overall more than 58,000 troops were killed in Vietnam and the US did not accomplish its goal, to stop the spread of Communism. Although Kennedy had one of the highest approval ratings ever for a president, he ignited the most senseless war in US history, the Vietnam War. The US foreign policy goal was simple post WWII. To stop the spread of communism. And North Vietnam was turning into a communistic country. They had just separated into North and South Vietnam. The US was trying to prevent against a so called “domino theory”. The idea that if one country turns to communism, surrounding countries will follow in their footsteps. So after carefully examining the situation, Kennedy decided to send over 400 military advisors to train numerous amounts of troops. This is where the fault of Kennedy starts to set in. North Vietnamese soldiers were trained very well. They were told to act like Americans, and think…

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