The Fault In Our Stars Movie Essay

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The Fault in Our Stars
The film was adapted from a book by a bestselling author John Green. It is a story of survival, love and valuing life. It makes you realize that you should be thankful for all the blessings you have right now because life is short to not appreciate the little things. But despite it being a story about love, it is heartbreaking.
At the very beginning, the music was light and soft which gave a vibe of a normal day in the suburbs. Hazel Grace Lancaster, the narrator in the film, talked about her life. That she is just sixteen and that she have cancer and fighting it for quite some time now. The background music was still the same upon the introduction of the main character implying the simplicity of the main character. She
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Eagerly, Hazel emailed Van Houten with her queries regarding his book. The author replied inviting Hazel to come over and meet him at Amsterdam where they can talk more about the book. The exchange of emails made Hazel excited which was further expressed by the fast, high-spirited background music of the scene. Unfortunately, Hazel was not allowed by her parents due to her sickness and financial concerns. Gus surprised Hazel with tickets to Amsterdam and when he touched Hazel and looked her in the eye, she realized how much she loves him and the other way around. Hazel was scared, especially after knowing that Gus’ ex-girlfriend died, that she will hurt Gus’ all over again when she dies too. Her sadness was even more felt by viewers due to the sad song after realizing the whole situation.
After some time, she was rushed into the hospital due to pleural effusion. The trip planned by Augustus was supported by one of Hazel’s doctor where she believes that letting Hazel have fun and live life to the fullest should be a priority. This gave Hazel a new kind of hope – to meet his favorite author and be with Gus’ once again – thus the music changed from being sad and blue to being happy and full of hope kind of
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The music was a bit mysterious as it gave a feeling of uneasiness and weary. It tricks the mind into thinking that something bad is going to happen soon. Fortunately, Hazel made it to the attic where the two kissed. However, the next day, Augustus told Hazel that he had a PET scan and lit up like a Christmas tree. His cancer is back and had already spread everywhere. This was a shocking moment. There was a moment of silence followed by a music that suits very well to the scenario. A slow and sad music that invites people to cry and feel the pain and struggle of the characters. But Hazel’s love for Augustus did not falter and the two hoped the best for each

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