The Father Of The House Essay examples

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One thing that I have not considered before was when it is around Christmas time, and people do the adopt a family, that some families, but not all did not like it when we gave their families free Christmas gifts for their children. It was mostly the father of the house hold that did not like it at all, because that made the father feel like he could not provide for his family. When it was time to open present the father would go upstairs and go to his room, and if his children ask their mother where their father was, the mother would always lie and say that he left and went to the grocery store, and he would be right back. Even though he was right upstairs, the mother did not want to explain why the father did not want to be down stairs while they were opening up their gifts. I just never considered it that way. I always thought doing it was to not only to make me feel good that I was helping a family in need, but knowing the little children was getting a Christmas.
One thing that has been most interesting was, towards the beginning of the book, where Lupton talks about how churches, schools, or anyone that tries to do short term trips are actually bad. Even though I never done a mission trip with my church yet, I thought it was interesting that I never knew that was not a good thing to do. I thought doing these trips were helping the people in other countries, but finding out that it is actually doing more harm than good, just really opened my eyes. As Lupton says in his…

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