Essay The Father Involvement Literature Through The Researches

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This essay presents about Role in the father involvement literature through the researches. To know the father involvement in children’s development. Further we present what different other nation’s father role and what is going changed. Divorce rates are increasing throughout the world. The results showed father is really important in children development about cognitive, emotional, physical, social etc. The conclusion is that through this paper, someone who is being a father or study about father’s role realized how father’s important.
Current society focus on father’s role. As the world develops, father’s role is growing and expended. This paper is based on an updated overview of the key trends in the father’s role in child development. While those researches can’t to provide methodological detail in such a clear summary, those endeavored to compile as clear as possible, reliable research results that support the trends. It is clear from the research that father’s role related to the father’s own path of adult development. Also their partners are important to make relationship for the children’s development. A father’s nurturing presence can continue to benefit children and help them develop cognitively, socially, and emotionally as they grow up. In fact, in a 2001 review of the father 's love, researchers Rohner and Veneziano concluded, “Overall, father love appears to be as heavily implicated as mother love in offsprings’ psychological…

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