Importance Of The Father-Daughter Bond

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The Father-Daughter Bond: A Dress Rehearsal for Life
We always hear about the significance of male figures in their son’s life, which is certainly a precious bond. They are very critical in the proper development of their sons. However, what typically remains omitted from research studies is the importance of fathers in their daughter’s life. In contrast to studies from the past, we should now consider the importance of the father-daughter relationship. Daughter’s make conclusions about what men are like from the male figures in their life specifically their fathers rather they are present or absent. Therefore, it is crucial that father’s portray something positive to their daughters. Fathers are a role model for what young females expect of
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It is vital that men spend consistent quality time with their children especially the daughters. “Intimate fathering” is an important bond to create with fathers and their children which includes emotional honesty, communication and direct relationships. Men’s positive involvement has similarly been associated with healthy outcomes for the child in terms of social and emotionally well- being, including cognitive development (Miller 17). Men do not need to raise their daughters to be a pleaser; that is a notion of the past; instead, they should encourage her to stand up for what she believes in, wants, or needs. Men should not be hesitant to take their daughters out and do activities such as take a hike, ride bikes, or play catch. It is important to show their daughters that girls are just as likely to do things with their dad as boys are. Fathers should be nurturing and affectionate to their child starting from a young age especially when it comes to the father daughter …show more content…
Whether you lost your father through death or divorce it is all the same at the end of the day that man is absent from a child’s life. When denied meaningful contact with our fathers, either physically or emotionally, a sense of "father hunger" surfaces in the child 's mind. Without a father or father figure, as girls grow older they do not always make the best choices in men because they are less likely know what to expect out of men. Just how an involved father effects girl’s choices, an absent father does the same for a girl’s future romantic choices, shapes her sexuality and her sense of self

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