Essay The Father Daughter Bond : A Dress Rehearsal For Life

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The Father-Daughter Bond: A Dress Rehearsal for Life
We always hear about the significance of male figures in their son’s life, which is certainly a precious bond. They are very critical in the proper development of their sons. However, what typically remains omitted from research studies is the importance of fathers in their daughter’s life. In contrast to studies from the past, we should now consider the importance of the father-daughter relationship. Daughter’s make conclusions about what men are like from the male figures in their life specifically their fathers rather they are present or absent. Therefore, it is crucial that father’s portray something positive to their daughters. Fathers are a role model for what young females expect of all men. Both involved and absent fathers have an impacting role with the development of his daughter’s self- esteem, behavior, and relationships.
What that means is that fathers or father figures are important and make a difference in the child’s life whether he is involved or not. Regardless of whether a man is ready or wants the responsibility, a father’s relationship to his daughter acts as a guide for the rest for men she will interact with during her lifespan. Men who embrace their role as a father in a sincere and nurturing way are seemingly men who know the importance of the following basic principles of fatherhood.
The Impact of a Father on a Girls Self-Esteem
In order to help with a girl’s sense of self, she needs to hear…

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