The Father And A Son Essays

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Russell Cape
Eliza Wood
Communist World Views
November 15th, 2016

The Father and a Son

The concept of communism has been around for thousands of years. The idea itself of public ownership of goods and land is even thought to be older than ancient Greek philosopher’s such as Plato (Wood,3,5). In the early 19th century Karl Marx’s was watching first hand, in London, how society was progressing during the industrial revolution and was able to predict many aspects of what would happen to the proletariat class as the bourgeoisies continued to gain power. In 1848 the communist Manifesto was published by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels but Engels credited the majority of the manifesto to being written by Marx’s. This eventually became the most important political text in human history; which led to people knowing Marx’s as “the father of communism” (Wood,3,6). In the Communist Manifesto Marx’s talks about the way in which society is functioning around him and how he believes the people will eventually get fed up with the bourgeoisie and form a movement to give the proletariats more and to nullify the bourgeoisie economy, culture, society, family structure, and the eradication of nationalism and country borders (Wood,3,60). Since Karl Marx believed that the people would rise on their own he never brought a revolution about but many leaders have read and interpreted Marx’s work and built their own beliefs around it. One leader who has done this is Fidel Castro last dictator of Cuba.…

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