Essay on The Fateful Day - Original Writing

1270 Words Nov 9th, 2016 6 Pages
The fateful day that I decided to keep my anxiety in check began my quest to find the holy grail of knowledge. On my journey, dozens of friends told me that I just needed to take a “break.” They bragged that they grasp this amazing power that allows them to easily shut their teary eyes, calm their beating hearts, and rest their weary heads at night until they felt renew in the morning. As I progress down my quest, I realize that the easiest actions in the world are sometimes the most difficult. Despite the difficulties of overcoming any mental strain, I strongly urge everyone to understand that the possibilities of a person achieving a healthy, stress-free lifestyle still exist. In order to solve the problem of unwanted tension, one must find the source which often lies in the inability of most stressful people to not please others. In particular, to please parents and school officials, students engage in activities like afterschool programs that overschedule and overstimulate their brain, thus putting their health and ability to learn at risk (Clemmit). As a student, I forcibly remind myself for the most of my life that if I want to get into medical school or to land a nice job in a good field, I must maintain a high GPA, work long hours in my field, get involved in…

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