Essay about The Fate Of The 's Fate

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The fate of one 's life comes from actions and choices made during life. If one did good things in their life, they will get rewarded for their good deeds and vice versa. There are many theories of what exactly fate is, but in this case the hero 's fate is already determined, there are obstacles and actions people have to go through shaping their fate being good or bad, at the end our fate will come true. Referring to Beowulf and Sir Gawain, their fate was already predetermined, especially if they murdered someone or character flaw they expressed, the end of their life would be in a way that they ended others or in another horrific way .

To begin with, Beowulf might have been seen as the perfect hero because of his heroic act he did, the defeat of Grendel and his mother which liberated the Danes from being terrorized. But in reality, Beowulf’s downfall was triggered by his character flaw which was his ambition. Beowulf 's fate was deemed to happen because his free of will let him choose his own actions and also his ambition to strongly achieve the attention and honor of King Hrothgar overtime contributed to his downfall without him actually knowing. As said in an article “Blind ambition can lead to one’s downfall”, “Ambition and determination when taken too far and out of perspective, can negatively affect a person.” His ambition and pride got to him to where he is but it has changed him completely after that event. He was told he should not get too cocky; after all, no…

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