The Fatal Accident Of The Motorcycle Essay

1115 Words May 5th, 2015 null Page
A recent article published on April 18, 2015 in El Paso Times newspaper mentions that two men on a motorcycle suffered injuries after being struck by a car. The driver of the car was an older woman (65 years old), she was driving a sport car on the east in Trowbridge. The person on the motorcycle who was driving suffered injuries in his hip and wrist and the passenger get really serious head injuries. Both persons were taken to the University Medical Center for treatment. El Paso Police Department 's Special Traffic Investigations still investigating the fatal accident of the motorcycle. Although clearly the fault was of the old woman who does not have the skills to handle the car. Statistics of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that per mile older drivers with the age of 65 years and over are over-represented in fatal accidents. In addition, due to their physical frailty they are more likely to be injured in an accident and more likely to die of that injury. According to this data, a senior citizen is more likely than a younger driver to be at fault in an accident in which they are involved. The most common violations include failure to obey traffic signals, unsafe turns and passing (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). Research about the age and drive shows that around the age of 65 drivers can see an increased risk to have a vehicle crash. After the age of 75, the risk of the driver to have a fatal accident increases more, because older drivers are more…

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