The Fast Improvement Of Autonomous Vehicles And Self Driving Cars

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In this contemporary time, people live in a world where “computing power” are used for making lives easier – from robots used in factories for production or manufacturing to drones being used to deliver packages with ease. One particular topic of “computing power” though as mentioned in Jerome, Alain, & Eva (2013) is the fast improvement of autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars. There are a number of positive features regarding self-driving cars one example is allowing the senior population easier mobility (Frey, 2012). People in the 1950s began visualising a world where autonomous vehicles existed where they can relax while being transported to their destinations. According to Birdsall (2014) the vision of driverless cars was anticipated even before the idea of cellular communication, the internet and other communication devices was ever thought of. This report will firstly describe what an autonomous vehicle is and how it operates, then focus on discussing the problems or concerns such as safety and security. Secondly, “planning” is a process in management function and will be used to create possible solutions. Lastly, a conclusion will be made to summarise the whole report and also a recommendation will be made.

Autonomous vehicle

An autonomous vehicle or self-driving car appears to be like a regular car but has an added feature which is the ability to operate (transportation capabilities) without the help of a human. Each self-driving car uses…

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