The Fast Food Restaurant Business Essay

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Change is inevitable in any business enterprise, thus the fast food restaurant industry is no exception; therefore as an eatery in the fast food restaurant business, MacDonald’s finds it a necessity to adapt to the ever-changing trends, as well as, the tastes of the consumer in order to remain a relevant entity. Consequently, the newest trend experienced in the fast food industry is the movement toward healthier menu options because more of the American population is experiencing an increase in obesity, as well as, many resulting health issues that have an association with obesity. Subsequently, as the American population attempts to control their eating, they also express a desire for their favorite eateries to follow suit in offering healthier menu options.

Even though fast food chains, in particular McDonalds, conspicuously unknown for serving their guest diet-friendly meals, they began the attempt alter this image by altering their menu. As a result, in order to appease the evolving health conscious population they are now offering numerous new items on the menu, which includes a breakfast option of oatmeal, as well as, breakfast sandwiches prepared with egg whites according to Luna (n.d.). While, Wilson (2014), maintains that the new lunch menu features, options such as various fresh salads, in addition to grilled alternatives to fried chicken inclusive of chicken wraps. Moreover, McDonald’s purport that they additionally will feature food alternatives for those…

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