The Fast Food Industry: The Evolution Of The Fast Food Industry

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The Fast Food Industry
The fast food industry started in 1921 when the first fast food restaurant, White Castle, was created (Rights ). There was debate as to which fast food restaurant was created. The debate was between White Castle and and A&W. Many people have said that A&W was the first fast food restaurant because it was opened in 1916, but other people have said that it was not the first because at the time only root beers and root bear floats were sold which are not considered fast foods. McDonald’s was then created, a while after White Castle, in 1955. The restaurants that are popular now, Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, Starbuck, Subways, Red Lobster, etc, have been around for many years, and our society have yet to understand the history of the fast food restaurants we eat and order food from. From 1921 to
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Many fast food restaurants start to foster these changes to make their business make more profit in one day. Our society consumes a lot of food that comes from these fast food restaurants, yet we know nothing about the evolution of the fast food restaurants that we eat from.The fast food industry has been making many changes to fulfil the wants and needs of the customers. By doing this, the industry could have more varieties that the customer can choose from. This then leads to a more profitable business and a growing love for fast food from the customers . The fast food industry’s incentive is to make more money so that this industry can thrive in the future. Knowing how the fast food restaurant came to be the way it is now will allow people in the society, who are interested, to be aware of how things have changed over the course of some

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