The Fashion Industry And Trends Essay

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The development of the fashion industry and trends are highly dependent upon the economic factors such as the recession, inflation, and economic growth. During bad economic times, it was hard for customers to keep up with the latest fashion trends, so most people cut down their purchasing on clothes. Some of the fashion brands tried to collaborate with high-end brands in some collections instead of surviving by themselves. Several factories reduced the cost by changing materials and making garment line production simpler. According to Sproles (1979), “fashion is considered to be a temporary cyclical phenomenon adopted by consumers for a particular time”, it turns out that fashion never goes away, it would come back in a short cycle whether good or bad economic times. It could be argued that economic factors impact the fashion industry and trends in different ways at different periods of time. The fashion market is a sensitive industry in regard to changes in the cultural, political and economic factors. Historically, economic factors had an effect on the apparel industry and influenced the cycle of fashion, especially in a recession. Zilka and Paula (2009) stated that the investment in the fashion industry is mostly in commerce and promoting, while sellers are keep selling current trends for four collections a year without a break. During the time of economic downturn, consumer income is decreasing and the overall level of consumer spending is lower. Many buyers prefer…

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