The Fashion Consumer’s Attitude Towards the Fashion/Lifestyle Brands Adopting Csr as a Part of Their Business Strategy

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The Fashion Consumer’s attitude towards the fashion/lifestyle brands adopting CSR as a part of their business strategy

Author: Anjali Saini
Fashion Marketing (2009-11)



After all the harm that man has done to the planet Earth, the time has come for mankind to protect himself and the planet from further destruction and to save the planet. To solve this purpose, there is much talk about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) today. As Indian apparel/fashion and retail industry is one of the major sectors that contribute to the GDP, it has become their job to work for the society and give back what they have taken from the people and the planet.
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CHAPTERS | CONTENTS | PAGE NUMBER | | Executive summary | 7-8 | 1 | Introduction | 9 | | Hypothesis | 9-10 | | Objective | 10 | | Research methodology | 11 | | Scope | 11 | | limitation | 11 | 2 | Literature review | 12-17 | 3 | Data presentation | 18-21 | 4 | Data analysis | 22-37 | 5 | Findings | 38-42 | 6 | Conclusion and Recommendation | 43-44 | | Bibliography | 46-46 | | Annexure | 47 |


In this era of global competition, declining brand differentiation, and increasing media clutter, companies are going beyond the conventional marketing mix to increase the value of intangible assets. Thus, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become more common in business practices. CSR is just not an option, but a requirement. Exploratory study found that the CSR used as Core business value is a better business model as compared to CSR as growth strategy. Fashion brands in India are using CSR as growth strategy whereas their customers are still not aware of the concept. The social responsible promotions of Body Shop, Fabindia, Benetton and Marks & Spencer in India were studied, and it was found out that these brands still need to work upon increasing their customer’s awareness about CSR.

Research Objectives
Different hypothesis were formed after the research and it was found that although these brands are

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