The Fashion And Film Industry Essay

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The fashion and film industry throughout the start of the 1950s decade, introduced a prosperous, new era of trends and styles for American citizens and the film industry faced a number of hampering obstacles, that threatened it legally and business-wise. It brought the birth of Rock N Roll, with some big influential names such as Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, Sidney Poiter, and James Dean. Fashion and film-wise, it caused teenagers to do their own manipulating, rejecting their parent 's styles to make their own path. It shaped the United States and was known as a time of fashion where everyone could feel good about themselves. The film industry and the government also influenced and impacted many cultural trends in real life, changing the way many people of all colors dressed and saw movies throughout the 1950s era.

Both industries had many discoveries and major trends throughout the 1950’s era. The film industry had become fiercely challenged by a new mass medium of entertainment, called the “television”. Movie makers used all types of gimmicks to pull back movie-goers, but it was all short-lived. By then, television had already dispersed a huge impact of competition on film production and business, and it was only a matter of time for production and distribution companies to find tactics and solutions before it was too late. The many new trends and discoveries and trends such as “The Greaser Look” or the “American Look’ throughout the 1950s fashion era also brought many…

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